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Dive into another world

Discover - Explore - Experience

No superhero completes a mission in a normal everyday look. That's why we equip each player with a special VR suit. Immediately afterwards, the journey into the unknown begins, which will increasingly merge with reality thanks to integrated 4D effects.

How do I book a virtual adventure?

To immerse yourself in virtual reality in the Fusion Arena, you need to book a date online. You pay CHF 239 up to and including five players, otherwise CHF 479 up to 10 players per round played. It doesn't matter if you come with two, three or four players. A game round is private in any case, you enjoy the game alone for yourselves.

What should I play?

If you're new here, you're spoiled for choice! We've put together a list for you: Game List


Pure Adventure!

Experience the fusion of reality and virtual reality. Choose the adventure that suits you:


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