Hygiene at Fusion Arena

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Since the founding of Fusion Arena, hygiene has been part of it’s DNA: I teach the hygiene process to each new employee.

Some may find it a bit over the top, but the last two years have shown that our customers, consciously or unconsciously, appreciate the measures taken. It simply gives you a good feeling to put on glasses or a backpack that smells fresh of disinfectant. It is not for nothing that the cleaning process has been placed on the wall in the playing field. The process should always be top of mind for the employees and show the customers that we take the issue seriously.

Through a private connection I had contact to a health logistician who advised me on the choice of the appropriate cleaning products (thanks Patrick!). In retrospect this was a lucky move, because we were already prepped for a virus season with antiviral and antibacterial cleaning agents before the Corona crisis.

The cleaning process aims to thoroughly clean all surfaces that are in contact with the customers. In times before Corona, for a good clean feeling, now for the safety of us and our guests.

We have established further steps before the Fusion Arena was closed, which we will continue to use for a reopening. My goal is simple: With these measures Fusion arena should be is to be one of the safest entertainment venues in Switzerland.

The following additional measures were established:

  • All customers must disinfect their hands before entering the arena.
  • In addition to the equipment, all objects that are touched during the games are thoroughly disinfected after each round.
  • Door handles, counters, tables, or generally surfaces in the welcome area that come in contact with people are disinfected 4 times a day.
  • Persons who feel ill or have been in contact with COVID infected persons are not allowed to participate in the game.
  • The maximum number of groups is implemented according to BAG guidelines.

We can’t wait to send you on adventures to other planets again and show you the latest work of TrueVR: The Lost City.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to comment or contact me directly.

Stay healthy & all the best
Founder & CEO Fusion Arena