New adventure game "Diamond Skull" is ready to be played in Zurich

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Another non-violent adventure game is now available at Fusion Arena Zurich. The experience "Diamond Skull" takes place on an earth-like planet and the goal of the mission is to find an artifact with which can control a huge energy source.

The experience is playable with a group of 2 to 5 people, although we recommend playing the experience with at least 3 people, so that you get the full experience in any case. The visit to the Fusion Arena lasts just under an hour, with the pure playing time being around 25 minutes. The price for the whole group is 199.60 CHF. You can find a short video taser of the adventure on YouTube.

In search of the legendary artifact, the Diamond Skull, you will enter a long abandoned temple complex. Some civilizations believe the artifact was given to humanity by aliens and is the origin of the modern world, while others believe it is the origin of life in the universe. To complete your adventure, you'll have to solve puzzles, avoid traps, overcome your fears and reach the end of the mission as a team. The Temple of Diamond Skull is ideal for first-time visitors, families and team events.

The non-violent adventure "Diamond Skull" can now be booked online.